Streamline infrastructure management & engineering, and lower customer's bills

See how EnergyBill's technology for electric utilities and other provider networks can help you unite data to make grid resiliency more intuitive and cost-efficient, lowering operating and construction costs. Our customizable ecosystem leverages all forms of energy, asset, and geospatial data to optimize and automate workflows.

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Automated Damage Assessment

We offer a groundbreaking total solution to the problem of post-storm recovery, using proprietary and patent-pending technology to automatically assess damage with lidar. We reduce the time of post-storm damage assessment from days and weeks to hours, and facilitate a virtual inspection, allowing personnel to check and validate infrastructure damage within an immersive, easy/intuitive, guided and rapid 3D visual environment.

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Data & Model

Independent data sources are integrated together and visualized in a single environment. A system model is then generated, representing a good or undamaged state.

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Our commercial solutions are offered through our licensing partners as custom implementations tailored to address the needs of individual utilities and their unique workflows and processes. They can be applied to many use cases and compliment existing IT architectures, while replacing inefficient “pen and paper” processes and the typical hodgepodge of incompatible and difficult to use software tools. Deployments and licensing can be service-based or fixed and on-premise.

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